French December Chills

I hope everyone had a lovely Xmas and Santa was good to you all. I'm feeling cozy in my French home with this comfy jumper dress (it even has pockets) Yayyy!!  This outfit is the perfect chic way to cover up those extra Xmas pounds
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Rebellious at Winter Wonderland

I wish I could spend every day Winter wonderland (sadly I can't *sad face* ). I'm loving getting my Christmas party & nye wardrobe ready and so excited to be collaborating with this stylish brand, I mean just how adorable is this coordinated set from Rebellious fashion!! Omg this is the perfect outfit to draw more attention to yourself than a Christmas tree (in a good way) 
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YOUPEOPLE Launch Event Review 23.11.17

Last Thursday evening I was invited to the launch of 'YOUPEOPLE' for a chance to view their debut collection, created by Emma Dayal.  

Each Jacket is inspired by a different inspirational cause and a mixture of their 'love of carnival' on the collars 'Support for freedom' on the sleeves and desire for 'a Basquiat comeback' on the vest.

I was very excited to see these creations that weren't only Fashion but also Art, so I put my highest heels on paired with the longest of my winter jackets and grabbed my plus one to insure we arrived on time.

I luckily missed rush hour on the busy London tubes, and happily walked beneath the colorful sparkling lights of a very picturesque Christmassy Oxford street down to Nobo Studios. 

Upon arrival, both I and my plus one were greeted by a lovely door girl and escorted downstairs by a very friendly host. As I walked down the staircase I noticed the eye-catching brand name painted in monochrome and used as a catchphrase such as 'You Nice People'  which was one of many, I loved this added family feel detail. 

As I lifted my head up from the staircase, I walked into an open space white room with a small separate bar area. My eyes immediately caught sight of a selection of 20 different Arty fashion-forward denim jackets hanging on a long white rail attached to the ceiling with chain strings.

Each piece was unique but every one of them was as great as the other one. Some had embellishments and embroidery on them, some were ripped with hanging feathers, some had glitter on them, some had detachable sleeves and other had a mixture of all of the elements. 

The denim jackets are interchangeable with detached features such as the vest, collars and sleeves, which allows the wearer to mix and match depending on the mood and style preferences.

Whilst admiring the well-organized room and showcased denim sleeves, I was directed to an open bar by another lovely member of staff and had a choice of a range of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages prepared by 2 very insightful bartenders. I chose a gin and tonic with a strawberry twist, it tasted fresh and delightful and was personally created for the event. I got my lovely cocktail and walked back to the stunning denim jackets and observed them for a while more as I was introduced to more of the invited guests and celebrities. 

After a few hours passed by, my bedtime was fast approaching so I reluctantly decided to say my goodbyes to my new acquaintances. I ordered my Uber to head home. During my ride, I thought of all the lovely jackets I had fallen in love with and all of the creation, research and time that was put in making such stunning pieces. All in all, it was a good event, my only wish is that I could have stayed later!!! 
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Glitter Net Top

Starting my December wardrobe the right way, with this sparkly glitter top, perfect for making any outfit have Christmas vibes and for a day to night look. I paired my glitter top with  these cute jeans, don't forget I have collaborated with , so use VanessaSophia20 at the checkout for a discount :) Sunnies are from Aluxe Shop my look below

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